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How to Become an Affiliate

Do you have a website or a blog? Do you want to earn from the purchases of referred users? Join our affiliate program and earn 15% of RusBid's commission fee for each referred client. This can become a constant source of unlimited income for you.

As a user of the RusBid system, you can earn money for new purchases, shipments and withdrawals from the system at your discretion. All you need is a RusBid account. In your personal account you will find a unique referral link. The digital code it contains is your affiliate (referral) code. You can send the link to other users, encouraging them to purchase or ship with RusBid. If a user comes to our site from your referral link, they are remembered by the system. Even if they sign up the next day or in a couple of days, they become your referral and you receive royalties from their purchases.

There are many ways to distribute your referral code. You can place the link on your website or blog, post it on social media, send it by email, or just tell your friends about RusBid and help them sign up for the service using your affiliate code. A new user who signed up for RusBid after coming to our website from your referral link or entered your referral code during registration is assigned to the partner (i.e. becomes your referral). Such a user is called an affiliated user.

To become your referral, a user needs to click your referral link or enter your referral code during registration.

Payment amount. You, as an affiliate, receive 15% of RusBid's earnings on every transaction of your referrals. More specifically, you receive 15% of the purchase fee and 15% of the shipment fee. Payments are automatically credited to your account a month after your referral's transaction. Important: you cannot receive payments to an empty account. Payments are credited only to active accounts, i.e. accounts where there has been at least one transaction within the past six months.

Do you have a website, blog or forum whose audience is similar to ours and we are not direct competitors? If yes, then our affiliate program is just right for you. Distribute your referral link, and you will have a stable source of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start earning?

To start earning, bring in new users, using your referral link or referral code. As soon as a new user signs up for RusBid, you will see the corresponding entry in your referral list. You will receive payments from all transactions of your referral. The payments will be automatically credited to your account at the end of the month.

How to participate in the affiliate program without having your own website?

You don't have to own a website or a blog to participate in our affiliate program. You can post your referral link on social media, forums, classifields, etc. You can also send your referral code to your friends via email or text.

How do I know if my link/code is used to register new users?

Information about new referrals automatically appears in your referral list. If someone signs up using your referral link/code, you will learn it as soon as you log in to your personal account.

How long can I participate in the affiliate program?

Your referral code and referral link are valid for an unlimited period of time.

If you still have questions, please contact us here.