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RusBid User Manual

RusBid Balance is a unique all-in-one automated system that has been developed by our own specialists. It is designed to:

  • place our customers’ orders and help them make purchases via European and American online stores and auctions;
  • receive and store our customers’ self-paid parcels in our warehouses;
  • ship parcels to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other CIS states.

All transactions (adding/withdrawing money, paying for order, new order, shipped order) are reflected in the table titled Balance
It’s simple and convenient!


To start working with us, sign up for our American or European branch.

IMPORTANT: working with each branch requires a separate user account. If you have signed up for our American branch, you'll need a different user account for the European branch. This means that you'll have to register once more, using another login and e-mail address.

Fill out all the fields marked by an asterisk (*). Only Latin characters are allowed!


Activate your account by clicking a link in your confirmation email.


Enter your personal account using your login and password.


Click Add Purchase to place an order for purchasing from an online store or auction (eBay or Amazon). Select a category from the drop-down list and fill out all the fields marked by an asterisk *.

If you want to win an item in an auction, you can use our bid sniper. Click Add Sniper and fill out all the required fields.

If you want to use our sniper service, note that the amount of money in your account must exceed 50% of the maximum amount of the bid. Our operators place the bids during the day.

ADVICE: if your order contains three or more articles (items), you can e-mail us a list of items. You can add the color, size, number, quantity of goods and any other information you find relevant.


Now choose your preferred payment method by clicking Payment Methods (a red button on the left). Add funds, taking into account the payment service fee. The funds must cover the cost of your order. You will pay the rest (delivery cost and RusBid service fee) when we receive your order and start preparing it for shipment.

* When paying, note that you are credited a net sum, i.e. the sum you added minus the payment service fee. This fee is what we pay the banks/PayPal/other payment services when we receive/cash-out your payments. It has nothing to do with our rates!


Having added the funds, place a payment order in your personal account: click Add Payment and specify the payment method, amount of funds, and currency.

As soon as we receive your money, the operator will effect the payment in your balance.


In your personal account, click Balance. Each row in the table reflects a transaction: adding funds, payment, sniper order, shipment, etc. Each transaction has a status:
$ – money has been credited to the account, the Fee column contains the payment service fee
Z – bid sniper has been ordered, the Fee column contains your preliminary fee (if you win the lot, it will be recalculated based on the actual cost of the item)
O, yellow color – the order has been paid for, the Fee column contains your fee
R, blue color – the order has arrived to the warehouse, the Weight column contains the gross weight of the order
P, purple color – the order has been shipped to the client, the Link/Attachment column contains the row numbers of the shipped orders.

You can read more about each status at the bottom of the Balance table.


To ship an order, choose a delivery method in the Parcels or Cargo menu. If your balance at the time of shipment is negative, add more funds. The sum must be enough to pay the debt and cover the shipping costs and payment service fee. Having added the funds, place a payment order in your Balance (see item 6). As soon as we receive the money, the operator will effect the payment in your Balance.

ADVICE: If you have any questions concerning your shipment, contact the operator and we will choose the best delivery method for you.


Place a shipment order (Add Shipment). Choose a shipment type and specify the row number(s) of the order(s) to be sent.

IMPORTANT: by default we ship to the address specified in your profile. If you need the order to be shipped to a different address, enter it into the Additional Address field in your profile.


If you have enough funds in your balance, your order will be shipped within 3–4 working days. As soon as the order is shipped, the operator will change its status in the balance and add the gross weight and the tracking number.