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Auction Sniper: Automated Bidding Service for eBay

Auction Sniper: Automated Bidding Service for eBay A bid sniper, or an auction sniper, is a software agent that helps to win an online auction by placing a bid likely to exceed the current highest bid (within the set maximum limit) as late as possible, usually seconds before the end of the auction.

Our customers don’t need to follow the bidding or sit at the computer waiting for the auction to end because our auction sniping service is fully autonomous.

Like most auctions, eBay has bid increments. The bid increment is the amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is outdone. Its amount depends on the current high bid.

Bid increments on eBay depending on the current lot price:
Current PriceBid Increment
$ 0.01 — $ 0.99$ 0.05
$ 1.00 — $ 4.99$ 0.25
$ 5.00 — $ 24.99$ 0.50
$ 25.00 — $ 99.99$ 1.00
$ 100.00 — $ 249.99$ 2.50
$ 250.00 — $ 499.99$ 5.00
$ 500.00 — $ 999.99$ 10.00
$ 1000.00 — $ 2499.99$ 25.00
$ 2500.00 — $ 4999.99$ 50.00
$ 5000 and more$ 100.00

For example, the knockdown bid (starting price) is $1 and your maximum bid is $20. If the auction is over and no one has placed a higher bid, you will pay $1.25 for the lot. If another buyer has offered, for example, $6, you will have to pay $6.50.

If you want us to set up a bid sniper for your lot, you need to:

  • log in to your RusBid account and go to Balance;
  • if you have little or no money on your account, add funds enough to cover at least 50% of your maximum bid
    (we recommend that you add funds via PayPal so that in case you lose the auction we can refund the whole amount back to you without paying commission);
  • click Add Sniper;
  • fill out the required fields (lot name, maximum bid, lot number on eBay);

If you win the auction, our operator will pay for the lot within one business day and reflect this in your Balance.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay the price of the lot plus shipping cost.

The chances of winning the lot will increase significantly if you participate in the bidding for several (two or more) lots of the same kind in one group (pool). In this case, the sniper makes bids until it wins one of the lots in the pool. Once the sniper wins, it automatically cancels the bids for the rest of the lots in the pool.

If you want us to set up a bid sniper for lots in a pool:

  • fill in the required fields: lot name, maximum bid, and numbers of lots on eBay. In the Additional Info field, specify: win one from the group or set up in the pool.

As soon as your lot arrives at our warehouse and you pay the commission and shipping cost (if needed), we will ship it to you with your preferred shipping carrier within 4 business days.

By default, we ship to the address that you specified in your user profile upon registration. If you need us to ship to another address, specify the new address in your personal profile in the Additional Shipping Address field.