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Online Shopping

With RusBid, you can shop online yourself, using our address as your shipping address, or with the help of our company. If you want us to make purchases in online stores for you, you just need to send us a link to the web page containing the goods you want to buy. Specify the size, color and quantity of the items, and/or delivery method, if necessary.

eBay Purchases

You can make purchases on eBay yourself or use our service. Our operator will place a bid for the item you want to buy through our eBay account. If we win, our company pays for the item immediately. If you wish to use this service, your personal balance should exceed the amount of the bid you want us to place on eBay. We recommend that you place your bid of orders at least 24 hours before the auction ends, since the bids are placed by our operators during the day.

If you win the lot on your own eBay account, you need to place an order for payment. To do this, go to the Personal Account tab, click the Add Purchase button, and select “Pay for the lot I won” from a drop-down list. The purchase will be paid for through our company PayPal account. As a rule, buyers have a few days to pay for the item, during this period you can add funds to your personal balance if necessary. We recommend that you deposit funds in advance for more rapid payment.

You have the opportunity to order shipment of several purchases made at different times in one parcel. The company stores your goods up to 3 months for free. Upon request, the goods can be checked for completeness and compliance with the description. When our operators receive the order for shipment, they carefully pack your items and send them to the address you specify in accordance with the optimal delivery method.


Our company offers services of buying and shipping wholesale packages from the U.S.

We can find your product, negotiate, conduct payment, monitor, organize and optimize the delivery and clearance of almost any legal goods. We offer a full range of services.

The company has significant experience in buying:

  • Electronics and computers
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Sporting goods and equipment
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Bulky goods
  • Musical instruments
  • Baby goods and toys

We are ready to cooperate with shop owners, small wholesale companies and traders.

If you want to make wholesale purchases, do not forget to include information about yourself, the names and quantity of goods you are interested in in your email. We will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.