Home Articles Reminder for Customers Who Ship Parcels by Boxberry and CDEK

When submitting a shipment request in your Personal Account, please provide the following information:

The full name of the recipient, his/her full address and phone number.
The recipient’s passport details (passport number, issuing authority, date of issue).
The recipient’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), which you can learn here. For Russian citizens only! If the recipient is not a Russian citizen, you don’t have to specify his or her TIN.
The name, quantity, cost and URL (link) of EVERY item in your parcel. The link should refer to a web page containing the name, price and photo of the item.

What and how many items you can ship:

You can see a complete list of prohibited items and customs requirements here. In addition to the standard list of dangerous items, it is forbidden to ship quadcopters, fishing nets, antiques, jewelry, walkie-talkies, 4 car wheels (1 to 3 wheels are allowed), and cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Each kind of electronics sent via Boxberry must be notified. This means that the item must be found on this list. If at least one item in your parcel is not notified, the entire parcel may be returned back to us at your expense. Please make sure that your item is on the list before submitting a shipment request.

Do not declare the quantity of goods exceeding 5 items. If the quantity exceeds 5, it is better to enter it in the following way: Lot of 6 (product name), quantity 1. If the real value of the goods exceeds $ 1000, there is no link to the goods or some of the required information is missing, please choose another carrier, for example, USPS, Meest or Dnipro.

I understand that should I fail to provide ALL required information, my parcel will not be shipped. In case if non-compliance with at least one of these rules entails the return of my parcel to the United States, I undertake to reimburse all associated costs to RusBid Inc.