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Cargo Shipping Calculator from the United States

This calculator will help you to calculate the cost of delivering goods that cannot be sent as parcels. Use the Parcel Shipping Calculator to calculate the delivery cost for small freight (up to 32 kg).

The price includes customs clearance. We can arrange the pickup and delivery of goods to our warehouse in the US. Please contact our operator to calculate the cost.

Cargo item Weight Dimensions
Total order cost:

We can purchase almost any goods on your behalf, or you can make a purchase yourself and use our address for shipping. Our services are paid for according to our rates. In the former case the rate is about 6–9% of the cost of the goods, whereas in the latter case its is approximately $1 per kg of gross weight.

If the cargo can be divided into parts that do not exceed the size and weight limits of shipping carriers, we can ship it as regular parcels, allowing you to save on customs clearance. You can select the type, time and cost of shipment, using our Parcel Shipping Calculator.

You can find our address for delivery of self-paid goods in your personal account. It is available to registered users only.

Where to start?

  1. Sign up for rusbid.com.
  2. Place your order (Balance, Add Purchase). You can check the status of your order anytime in your Balance (the Status column).
  3. Pay for the order. You can find our payment information in your personal account (Add Funds). Inform us about the payment (Balance, Add Payment).
  4. When your cargo arrives at our warehouse, place a shipment order (Balance, Add Shipment).

Keep in mind that it may make sense to pay for the entire container when it comes to heavy or bulky cargo, because it may be cheaper than the sum calculated by this calculator. Please note that your cargo must fit into a standard container with internal dimensions 12m x 2.3m x 2.3 m.

We do not deal with customs clearance of cars, aircraft, watercraft, or other excisable goods. We do not ship hazardous items, restricted items, or items that require special conditions. In case of doubt, please consult our operator whether your cargo can be shipped/cleared before you place an order. Delivery cost may increase or reduce slightly depending on the specific parameters of your cargo or other conditions.