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Ukrainian Post: Shipping Parcels from Maryland to Ukraine and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union

Along with buying and sending goods to our customers from Ukraine and other CIS countries, RusBid Inc. provides parcel delivery services for Baltimore and Baltimore area residents. Our company helps Maryland residents send different goods to their friends and family in a short period of time for really low rates. Sending goods to Ukraine and CIS countries with us has become a really popular way to ship regular packages, commercial cargo, bulky goods, etc. People call us “Ukrainian Post” and we are proud of this.

We ship parcels by postal companies Meest, Dnipro, United States Postal Service (USPS), as well as other carriers. Over the years, we have developed a strong partnership with these companies. Well-coordinated work, discounts and high volume of outgoing parcels allow us to keep our rates low and to ensure fast parcel delivery, especially in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. You can order delivery to the recipient’s local post office or home address.

To see more details about our rates and delivery time go to Parcels, or use our delivery cost calculator, located on top left side of each page. Here is an example of delivery cost calculation:
Parcel weight 30 pounds (13.6 kg). Destination – Kiev
Air delivery service: $2.89 per 1 pound + $15 (delivery charge). Total $2.89 x 30 + $15 = $101.70. Delivery time 7-10 days
Sea delivery service: $0.99 per 1 pound + $15 (delivery charge). Total $0.99 x 30 + $15 = $44.70. Delivery time 4-5 weeks.

For example, to send the same package via DHL would cost $507, FedEx – $448, UPS – $486, USPS EMS – $228.

General Requirements for Parcels and Documents

Customers should pack parcels in an appropriate way to ensure the safety of parcel contents. All damages caused by inappropriate packaging made by the customer are the customer’s responsibility. Our team members can provide packaging services and paperwork if necessary.


All addresses should be clearly visible on the parcel packaging in the way described below:

  • In the top left corner: sender’s name, full address and phone number (in English)
  • In the bottom left or right corner: recipient’s country, full address, name and phone number (in Russian, Ukrainian or English)


Customs declaration form CN 23 should be filled out. The address that appears on the parcel should match the address written in customs declaration form CN 23. All air parcels must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • sender’s ID
  • the customer must sign an agreement in which he or she states that there are not prohibited and unlawful items in the parcel contents

Our address:
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Tel. 410-517-1190