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International Sea Shipping from the United States

International Sea Shipping from the United States Sea shipping from the United States is a cost-effective and safe way to deliver cargo containers from the United States.

Thanks to sea shipping, you can deliver goods of almost any type and size from the United States to other countries; this includes both port-to-port and door-to-door-delivery. In many cases, this type of transportation is optimal or even the only available one.

Types of Sea Shipping from the United States

Container shipment is the most common type of sea shipping. In most cases, container shipping is the best way to deliver large or heavy cargo from the United States, since it is safe for the cargo, and there is no need to waste time on reloading.

There are several main types of sea shipping containers:

  • standard 20 lb and 40 lb containers;
  • open-top containers (OT containers);
  • flat rack containers (platform containers);
  • high cube containers, etc.

The most suitable type of container is selected based on the characteristics of the cargo.

Less than Container Load (LCL). In some cases, the volume of the cargo is much less than the volume the container. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, LCL is your best option. In such a case, instead of paying for the whole container, you pay for the part of the container that is actually occupied by your cargo.

RORO shipment (roll-on/roll-off shipment; also spelled as ro-ro shipment) is the shipment of wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, trailers, etc.

Shipload lots. A shipload lot is a lot of goods for loading one vessel, which sails to one port of destination. With this type of shipping, the company providing delivery services is fully responsible for all related tasks: from selecting and chartering vessels, to customs clearance of goods and obtaining all the necessary certificates.

Door-to-door sea shipping from the United States is a popular type of transportation. In this case, the range of services provided by a shipping operator includes delivery to the port, full escort of the goods in transit, unloading at the port of destination, and delivery to the consignee’s warehouse. Due to eliminating extra expenses, delivery time and costs are minimal, which allows to offer this type of shipment at favorable rates.

Sea Shipping Rates from the US

Below is a sample table that allows you to estimate the cost of container shipping of one cubic meter of cargo (approximately 150 kg) from the United States.

Saint Petersburg Novorossiysk Odessa, Ukraine Kotka, Finland Bremerhaven, Germany Gdynia, Poland Klaipeda, Latvia
up to 150 kg
and 1 m3
$330 $310 $290 $220 $200 $240 $240
~4 m3
(4-wheeler, snowmobile)
$680 $630 $590 $480 $440 $520 $520

Shipping rates for vehicles, oversized and dangerous cargo are determined individually. Prices to not include RusBid commission fee. Acceptance and customs clearance of goods are carried out by the client or their authorized representative.

Sea shipping procedure:

  • Developing the optimal itinerary taking into account the peculiar characteristics of the cargo.
  • Choosing the most suitable shipping option and reserving a space.
  • Drawing up the necessary documents and paying for insurance.
  • Delivering the cargo to the port and loading it onto the ship.
  • Customs clearance and unloading at the port of arrival.
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