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From parcels to containers, including bulk quantity and oversize cargo. By air, by sea and by land.
Bulky and heavy cargo shipment request.
Organization of deliveries from manufacturers. Reception and consolidation in our warehouses in the US. Optimization of customs payments. Furniture delivery. Parcel delivery from the US.

What to do if a seller refuses to ship to your country or if you want to consolidate your purchases and save on delivery?
You can use our warehouse address as your shipping address to make things easier.
We receive, store, consolidate and ship self-paid parcels and cargoes. Our rates start at $5 per package
We optimize the delivery of bulk quantities.
We process and ship orders quickly and at minimum rates.

We make purchases within an our and offer a convenient online system to process and track your orders 24/7. Transparent calculations. Different types of payment.
Shopping online for you from 7%.
Mail forwarding from $10.
Selling your items on eBay from 6%.
Free checking, consolidation and repacking.
For new customers: place an order and get a bonus credited to your account.

RusBid Inc. was registered in 2008 in Maryland, United States. Our head office is located in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
We are proud of our many years of experience, dedication to our clients, reliability, and fast service.
With RusBid, you can shop practically anywhere in the world and get your purchases delivered as soon as possible.

Buy cheaper using discount coupons, promo links and promotional codes.
Inform us about your promo codes when placing an order in your Personal Account, and we will use them when making purchases for you.
Use various cashback reward programs.
Check out our discounts and affiliate program to make your shopping experience more pleasant.

International Shipping

Online shopping in foreign online stores and auctions is becoming increasingly popular in many countries, including Ukraine and other CIS states. RusBid Inc. has been purchasing and delivering goods from eBay, Amazon, and other online stores and auctions since 2005. Over the years, we have made purchases for millions of dollars and have shipped hundreds of tons of cargo.
Today, RusBid Inc. is one of the largest shippers from the United States to Ukraine. International cargo transportation is one of our top areas of activity and priorities. Consolidated cargo delivery is by far the most high demand segment of the transportation market. We provide international freight shipping by air and sea. We also deliver by road from Germany to Ukraine, using our own transport. Our employees expertly manage the logistics of international cargo shipping.
We pick up the cargo, transport it throughout the United States or Europe in a fast and affordable manner, and deliver cargoes by air or sea to the customs terminal or right to the customer’s door.

International shipping



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  • 19.05 доплта за возврат посылки
  • 19.05 112GB (7x16GB) Crucial PC4-2133P Reg ECC Server RAM MTA36ASF2G72
  • 19.05 Money transfer
  • 19.05 Jd 6000x23 return
  • 19.05 EVGA GeForce GTX 760 GPU
  • 19.05 ASUS DUAL GEFORCE RTX 2060 SUPER EVO V2 OC 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Ca
  • 19.05 Oculus Quest 2 128GB Standalone VR Headset - White
  • 19.05 Pcgt3ta700245 Pcgt3tb760093 Pcgt3ta356538
  • 19.05 Oculus Quest 2 128GB Standalone VR Headset - White
  • 19.05 Oculus Quest 2 128gb Used KW49CM
  • 19.05 Перевод на карту
  • 19.05 Set of 2 Front Bumper Trim For 1992-1996 Ford F-150 Bronco /1992
  • 19.05 Ford F150 Bronco Dana 44 IFS Front Differential Inner Tube Seals
  • 19.05 Modere Products 5
  • 19.05 40 measuring spoons
  • 19.05 Money transfer
  • 18.05 Pcgt3ta391089 sf2 Pcgt3ta314474 rtk


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    Регулярно пользуюсь услугами RusBid, все быстро и качественн...
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    Сегодня получил крупногабаритный груз из США весом 100 кг. Д...
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